Easy Chinese Character Chengdu Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (ECC): ECC, high-tech innovative enterprise, was founded in 2015. The headquarter is located in Chengdu city. Under the Chengdu municipal government’support , ECC has steady developed.
Invention: To take the authority of China National invention patent core, the founder of ECC created the new Chinese Pinyin system, called PinYin 3.0 system.
Product service: We have developed a series of educational theory, software, tutorial products and training courses which related to Chinese-teaching education. We are committed to simplifying the Chinese Language Teaching.
To B: Teaching Chinese as a foreign language,Confucius Institute, domestic and foreign universities, Chinese research institutions, Chinese publishing organizations, etc.
To B:对外汉语教学机构、孔子学院、国内外大学、中文研究机构、中文出版机构等。
To C: Foreign friends, ethnic minorities, the blind and the children and other people with Chinese learning
To C: 外籍友人、少数民族、盲人和儿童等有中文学习需求的人群。
Pain point : From the learner "learning Chinese difficult" perspective, and based on learners’ demands, ECC has used software and Internet tools to meet the needs of users of diversification and specialization. At the very beginning ECC has put into a large number of human and material resources to set up R & D Department.
Team: Members are a group of people who all have deep love in Chinese language education career.There are the elite teachers with rich overseas teaching experience, and there are perennial engaged in the study of Chinese Professionals.
Value: The core value of ECC are“learning, innovation, quality and service". ECC sticks enterprises and harmonious development of employees, society, environment, and grows together with learners as philosophy. We aspire to become a leader in the industry to promote the popularization of Chinese globalization.
Vision: to make Chinese learning more simple, fast and fun, ECC has combined the traditional culture communication mode and modern technology. we hope to help special groups to improve skills, create jobs, and create social value. In the Internet Age, we aim to promoting Chinese language and the spirit of traditional
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